Access for all

Our rear clam-shell style door is idea for wheelchair access

For all those with mobility issues Tripbuddy has the answer. The access to Tripbuddy™ is highly innovative; gone are the days of the traditional caravan side door access – so restrictive to those with limited mobility and impossible for wheelchair access.

Tripbuddy™ provides access via a cavernous rear clam-shell style door system which opens up like a monster hatchback on either gas operated struts or at the push of a button with our optional automated system. The door, once opened, forms the rigid roof of the in-built awning which deploys easily from within the underside of the door, dropping down in an instant.

The floor height to ground on Tripbuddy is lower than traditional caravans. A series of access ramps and platforms have been designed to assist access in and out. These can be deployed by a manual system or automatically via an optional hydraulic mechanism.

The strength of the vehicle structure allows us to position grab and handrails to further assist occupants. We can even fit a bed hoist if required. We can run all the extra systems on our LVHP2 (low voltage hydraulic power pack) system.

Here are some of the options available

  • Automatic rear opening door
  • Automatic vehicle positioning
  • Automatic access ramp
  • Automatic deploy step
  • Internal handrails
  • Internal winches and supports
  • Low level units

Remember, our design engineers are always on hand to discuss your individual requirements; we know that one size does not fit all, so please call us today on +44 844 8709306 for more information.