7 tips for keeping your caravan pristine over winter,
ready for your next trip.

When it’s time to migrate home for the winter, this is not the time to neglect your Caravan. We’ve seen those unkempt caravans languishing in someone’s driveway. Nor should you neglect your superior Tripbuddy. Although – Tripbuddy has been designed to be ready when you are and is more than capable of handling the colder months, should you fancy a trip!

Making simple checks, at both the start and the end of winter, means you won’t have to wait around for repairs to be carried out – if needed – as these can be done during your downtime. Here are 7 things you need to do if are to be ready to go after winter.


  1. Keep it healthy

Winter is an ideal time to have your caravan serviced by an approved, authorised repairer. They will know how to check the running gear, axel, hitch, brakes, van structure and habitation.

Here at Tripbuddy, using our knowledge and expertise we offer a range of service packages to ensure our high-standards for your Tripbuddy, are maintained.


  1. Keep it clean

Not just outside, but inside too, including window and door seals. Make sure no moss or leaves have crept onto the body, or into the closure gaps (the spaces where the window sits, and the door closes). We advise using one of the specialist mobile home cleaning products, rather than using commercial cleaning agents which often contain a vast amount of salt.

It’s always best to make sure your Tripbuddy looks, smells and feels good, inside and outside, even when you’re not using it. Your Tripbuddy is watertight, unlike most caravans, so you don’t need to remove cushions and soft furnishings. However, winter provides a good opportunity to give them a clean, observing the care instruction on the side of cushions. If you have opted for leather trim, see our website for further details of our leather care package.


  1. Keep it empty
    1. Onboard Water; ensure you empty all your onboard water systems; clean water tank, grey water tank, pump, toilet, boiler, aircon. Refer to your user manual for details of how to do this. Don’t just assume your caravan will be insulated to avoid pipes from freezing and bursting.
    2. Battery; This is the ideal time to remove it and clean the terminals.
    3. Fridge Empty and clean your fridge, then switch it off over winter, leaving the door slightly ajar. This minimises mould and bacteria growth.

Refer to your Tripbuddy Service Manual for full details of how to operate the dump valve. This has been designed to automatically pump water out of your Tripbuddy system for you, and ensure all tanks are empty.

If you enjoy winter travelling, the Tripbuddy water jacket has been designed to protect your water tank to -10. So, you never have to worry!


  1. Keep it dry

Do not put a cover over a wet caravan it will stick to it and potentially cause damage when you remove it. 

At Tripbuddy, we know how crucial it is for your caravan to look good, so we have designed a tailored cover specifically to fit your Tripbuddy. Check exterior surfaces are dry, to avoid the growth of mould. Clean and polish it with our purpose-made seal protector, before covering your Tripbuddy. It will thank you for this attention to care in the spring!


  1. Keep it charged

If you have any devices that run off the battery, ensure you keep it fully charged. Be aware the system will drain the battery, so you need a secondary power source: Either use the internal charging circuit, connected to the main supply; or buy a proprietary battery conditioner, which plugs into the battery, and keeps it charged. 

Your Tripbuddy will come with one of three battery types:

  • If you have our standard lead battery, please remove it and store out in a dry area in the house. I.e. Under the stairs.
  • Our gel battery system can remain in your Tripbuddy, but it is best to disconnect one of the terminals.
  • With our Lithium ion system, please switch it off with the red switch. Take the key with you, but don’t lose it!


  1. Keep it secure

Make sure your caravan is locked and protected using adequate security features, a wheel clamp and a tow hitch clamp are quick and easy to use, but it is advisable to fit an alarm. Some alarm systems can be connected to your mobile device, giving you extra peace of mind.

The Tripbuddy alarm and tracker system will require you to ensure your auxiliary power supply is in top condition. Disposable batteries should be new. If connected to your phone, keep your details up-to-date.


  1. Keep it adventure ready
    1. Tyres; Ensure your tyres are at their recommended pressure, this reduces the impact on them whilst stationary. Your Tripbuddy comes with quality radial tyres, designed for periods of none-use, and they keep wheels fully inflated when not in use. Otherwise you will need to check very carefully as the tyres may not be as good quality and may have lost pressure – this will be dangerous when towing.
    2. Check your tow hitch Make sure it is facing downward. Protect it from the elements with a tow hitch cover.
    3. Anti-snake system Check the pads for wear and inform your service agent if you need to make repairs before your next trip.
    4. Check your gas lines They should be secure, not leaking. Check them again before your next trip after an extended period of not being used.
    5. Replace batteries Such as those in the smoke alarm.

Because of the Tripbuddy’s tinted windows, the winter sunshine will NOT degrade your interior. Following these tips will ensure you and your Tripbuddy are adventure ready as soon as the weather changes. 

And finally:
See your user manual for more winter advice, then check your diary and start planning your next adventure!